About Us

Home and Garden Ironwork exists to produce the finest quality, most enduringly beautiful and comfortable furniture for you to enjoy. We are proud to be a small family business working from our workshop on a farm in rural Worcestershire. All the products you see here are designed by us, made by us, and in most cases delivered by us to your home. Some of our benches have been copied, but never matched!

James Fuller

Bespoke items and restoration

Sometimes we get to take on special projects and bespoke items.  In the gallery you can see some of the things we’ve produced over the years, and here is a video of a huge bench built for RHS Wisley.

If you have work like this please do get in touch on the contact page.

Caring for your products

Home and Garden Ironwork furniture is designed to last, maintenance free, for a lifetime.

While wooden benches slowly fade and rot your Home and Garden Ironwork bench will always be ready for you to sit on when the sun comes out.  Our benches are hot dip galvanised, protecting them from the elements and stopping them from rusting.  If they get dirty you can wash them down with clean water and a cloth, no need for any detergents, and they will be ready for use time after time.  When you think about it like that our benches are incredible value for money.


All our products are hot dip galvanised which protects from the elements and stops them from rusting. The galvanised layer offers not only weather protection but also a texture, which is unique to each item.

We offer a verdigris or lead grey finish. The verdigris finish adds a patina exclusive to our furniture and will stand the test of time as it ages naturally.

The lead grey finish is a classic etched galvanised colour with hints of copper from the sulphate solution used to etch the surface.

Both finishes need time to weather naturally. At first you may notice a white dust on the surface. This can either be wiped off gently outside with a cloth or just left to wear off as the item is used. Any small blemishes and imperfections are characteristic of a galvanised finish and only serve to add character to your item.

We recommend that pots or vases are not left on tables for the first few months to allow the whole table top to weather evenly.